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Bill/Coin POS System

When your requirements demand the secure dispensing of both bank notes and coins, the HW8000SC, cash & coin dispenser system from Hemisphere West gives you total software control of the system along with security and accounting features tied togeher through the HWPro software package.  Controlling the cash output from your business, just got a lot easier and more safer with the HW8000SC.

HW8000POS Bill & Coin POS System

The HW8000SC allows you to securly dispense both cash & coin in all applications where keeping your cash both secure & accounted for are paramount.


The System Includes:


1 HWSE8000 Cash Dispener/Safe

1 HWSC4000 Coin Dispenser/Safe

1 HWPro Software

1 PC

1 Monitor/Keyboard (touch screen optional)

1 On Site Installation & Training

1 Free Shipping in North America

1 One Year Warranty

When you need to control your cash, the HW8000POS is perfect for diverse applications that include.....


Recycling Centers

Check Cashing Centers

Scrap Metal Centers

Vending & Amusement

Retail Centers

Any application where control

and security of your cash is important


Contact Us For:


        Custom versions of HWPro software for your application

        Available in coin only or bill note only configuration

        Complete Technical Information & Specifications


                                  Click Here to Contact Us

                   HWSS8000 Cash Dispeser/Safe

                            8000 Note Capacity                

                               4 denomination                 

                           2 high security locks




                Multiple User Login

    Dispense Cash & Coin from 1 field

      Alarms for 'low bill' or 'low coin'

           Full Accounting and Audit

                       Much More

HWSC4000 Secure Coin Dispenser

     Dispenses 3 or 4 coin values

              1500 coins/value

          High Security Enclosure

            High Speed Dispense

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