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Coin Acceptors 

We offer the finest selection of coin validation products from WH Berlin.  With over 80 years of experience, the WH line of coin validation products provides the OEM with quality and service second to none in the industry. 

EMP800 Series Multicoin Acceptor

The highest quality coin validator available.  Validates most world coins or tokens, multiple bezel and interface options, perfect for all indoor or outdoor applications.

+ Validates up to 32 different coins or tokens

+ Most world coins available

+ Pulse/ccTalk/MDB Interface

+ USB Interface Option, port powered

+ Full SDK available

+ Multiple Bezel Options, mini plastic, metal,standard

+ Coin Escrow, Coin Seperator Options

+ High/Low Temp/Humidity Options

+ Field Programming Option


    EMP850 Mini Metal Bezel             EMP820 No Bezel Top Drop              EMP890 Mini Plastic Bezel


Contact Us for Full Technical Information

CIS/CIF100 Bulk Coin Validation System

The function of the CIS/CIF100 coin separation system is the automatic handling of coins in cashier systems in retail applications. The coin insertion system CIS 100 incorporates a collecting bowl in which the customer may drop an arbitrary mixture of coins. The CIS 100 separates the coins and feeds them to the coin validation system consisting of the coin selector frame CIF 100, the electronic coin selector EMP 895 and the electronic motor reject EMR 100.


The components are controlled via the ccTalk interface via the CCT900 USB Device Hub (SDK Available).


Dimensions: 204 mm x 219.4 mm x 166 mm height x width x depth

GW200 4 Tube Coin Changer

The GW200, 4 Tube Coin Changer is available to accept

most world coins in your vending application utilizing

the industry standard MDB Interface

Reliability and Security

  • Complete flexibility by giving change from 4 coin tubes
  • Energy efficient high precision motors
  • Premium security via control sensors which monitor filling height

Easy Handling

  • Flexible strategies to reject foreign coins and counterfeit coins
  • Modular design for easy service, component exchange of modules and readjustment to new coins
  • The GW 200.7 for battery operation is ready for operation just after 30ms. Wake up is carried out via wake up line of MDB connector.

Standard version (basic features)

  • Acceptance: EMP 780 v4, 32 active channels up to 16 different coins or tokens
  • Coin payout: 4 tubes, maximum coin diameter of 27.0 mm, 29.00 mm and 2 x 24.5 mm.
  • Temperature range: +10°C to +70°C
  • Dimensions: 355.5 (376.5) h x 134 w x 77 d


  • Executive serial interface
  • MDB, serial interface, 18 - 42,5 volts DC
  • MDB, serial interface, 9 to 42.5 volts DC for battery operation

ES Series Anti-Pin System

When protecting your coin selector from the elements is important, the ES Series provides coin entry protection.


E101 & E105 Coin Escrow

When your application calls for holding coins in escrow before a transaction is completed, the E101 & E105 Escrows solve the problem.

CH812.3 Chassis System

The complete solution, EMP coin selector, ES series Anti-Pin, E101 Series Escrow all mounted into one complete chassis.

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