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PC Interface Products

Our PC Interface devices allow the developer to interface currency validation/handling products that don't offer a standard PC interface.  We also offer a simple USB device hub that integrates all of your currency devices thru th hub and provides a single USB input to your PC controller

IPC-1 MDB-USB PC Interface

IPC-1, Provides a means of interfacing your NAMA 4.0 MDB device (coin changer, bill recycler, bill validator) to a PC Controller.  The IPC-1 can also be used with devices with ccTalk, MEI EDBS, Pulse, Parallel and other outputs, providing the avenue to communicate with your PC Controller. 



+USB 2.0 full speed connectivity.

+Industrial standard chipsetPC

+OS supported : Windows 98, Me, 2K, XP, Vista, 7, 8 Linux, Mac OS 8, 9, OSX

+SDKs and Driver support for software developers.

+Easy to use K1 Protocol


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IPC-3 Pulse-USB Interface

IPC-3, Parallel/Pulse-USB Interface for Coin Hoppers.  Provides for up to 4 Coin Hopper Inputs, with one USB output to your PC Controller.




  • Supports most coin hoppers and pulse output devices

  • All Cables and Harnesses Included

  • SDK and Test Software Available


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CCT900/910 USB Device Hub for Currency Input/Output Devices

CCT900/910 USB Device Hub: Allows the developer to interface various input devices into the hub allowing for one, USB output to the PC Controller. Simplifies development allowing for complete input device control through the CCT900/910. Complete software integration tools, SDK available.

Input Devices


Bill validators, Recyclers

Coin Validators

Coin Hoppers

Coin Changers

Cash Dispensers

Chip & Pin


Input Interfaces: RS232, USB, ccTalk, MDB, pulse/parallel


Contact Us For Further Technical Information

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