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Cash Dispenser Terminology

We have found over the years that many of our potential customers are confused by the terminology used to designate the various platforms and equipment known as "cash dispensers". It can be confusing at times, but here we will try and take most of that confusion away with some simple explanations of the various platforms that dispense bank notes.

Cash Dispenser: The most basic form of cash dispensing unit is the OEM Cash Dispenser module. This module is used by OEM's to include into their particular design, whether it be in a kiosk or enclosure. The OEM Cash Dispenser is not meant to be used as a 'stand alone' product. Typically, to interface the Cash Dispenser to a controller, the user must write software that will allow the controller to 'talk' to the Cash Dispenser. Most suppliers offer some form of software development tools to accomplish this. As every OEM application is different, their is rarely if ever, generic software that allows a user to opperate the Cash Dispenser.

Cash Dispenser (with safe or enclosure): The Cash Dispenser Safe/Enclosure is typically a secure metal enclosure that is designed to protect and add a high level of security to the OEM Cash Dispenser Module. Most applications do not require any regulatory approvals for the enclosure/safe. One exception is the "Teller Cash Dispenser", typically used in the banking industry. These Dispensers generally require a UL291level 1 or 2 certification. These Dispensers generally weigh close to 1000 lbs and have many high security features required to achieve this rating. In most applications though, this type of safe is not really required and could be considered 'overkill' for most applications as the price of these units is quite high.

Bill to Bill Dispenser: This type of Cash Dispenser includes a bill validator and OEM Cash Dispenser inside a secure enclosure. The sole function of this tye of Cash Dispenser is to make change, i.e., a patron inserts $20.00 and receives 4, $5.00 bills or 20, $1.00 bills.

As mentioned above, the OEM Cash Dispenser module usually comes with software tools so that the developer can write their own application to communicate with the dispensers. This can also be true with a Cash Dispenser w/safe enclosure, but it is also common to have specific control and accounting software come as an option for applications where the end user wants to dispense higher volumes of cash in 'stand alone' applications like check cashing centers, recycling centers or scrap metal facilities.

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